About Mitech Business Systems, Cranbrook, BC

Our Mitech team advises on, supplies and services business system solutions for clients within the Kootenay region. We provide systems for customers in various business sectors including (but not limited to): Retail, Manufacturing, Forestry, Hospitality, Health Care, Professional Services, Education, Construction, Government and Mining.

Our Team

We find the effective technology solutions for your business.

With the largest team of qualified technicians in Cranbrook, we’re confident no one else in the area can provide the service we do. We are the only company in the East Kootenays to send our technicians around the continent to receive annual training on the brands and services we provide, and we’re happy to do it.

Having technicians who are factory-trained makes life easier for us and our clients: training gives our technicians a deeper understanding of the exact products they’re working on, in turn allowing us to provide our clients with efficient, expert service. It also means that during maintenance, we’ll never substitute third-party parts for the real thing—you can rest assured your technology is the best quality.

The Mitech team is entirely local: you can expect fast issue response in addition to up-to-date technology training.

You’ll never be waiting for days or even weeks for your business technology provider to send you a qualified technician, because ours are located right in Cranbrook. Let our team provide value to your team by giving us a call.

Our History

Established in 1979, Mitech is characterized by years of professional experience in the business technology industry. We were the first company in Cranbrook to start selling business-related products and one of the first business technology dealers in Canada. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been advising local Kootenay area businesses and servicing office equipment in the region. We’ve built on our legacy of expertise, and now sell the broadest range of cutting-edge products in the Kootenay area.

Mitech is a leading provider of business technology solutions. Our products and brands are picked by our staff for quality and reliability. We’ve had many brands come through our office over the last 40 years, and we only stick with the brands that perform the best. We’re not about selling up—we’re about finding the right solution for your business.


Community Involvement