Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems in BC

Your phone system shouldn’t be holding back your business.

As your workplace grows, it needs a phone system that meets (and exceeds) expectations. At Mitech, we offer many phone system solutions with a variety of useful features. Whether you’re looking for traditional digital phones, VoIP phones, or cloud phone systems, we’ve got you covered in the Cranbrook and Kootenay region.

Since Mitech was established in 1979, we’ve seen a lot of brands come through our Cranbrook doors and we’ve only stuck with the best products. These brands are our quality picks, supplying the most reliable digital phone systems, VoIP phone systems, and cloud phone systems you can find.

Types of Business Phone Systems

Have peace of mind! Our team will help you choose the right system, install the product and provide maintenance and repairs.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Phone System

This communication system works with your existing computer network, which introduces a large range of modern capabilities. VoIP systems are software-based, meaning extra features and future upgrades can be downloaded at the touch of a button. The larger bandwidth of the computer networks allows for better quality audio during calls, and without the need for traditional phone lines, new phone devices only need to be plugged in to start working. Simple to use and affordable, VoIP systems are always an excellent choice.

Digital Phone System

This traditional system connects through regular telephone lines, and is a great choice for businesses that already have the phone lines in place but still desire quality calls and features. Contact us today to find out if a digital phone system is the right choice for your business.

Cloud-based Phone Systems

These systems allow businesses to connect cell phones to office phones through an app. Access your voicemail remotely, take business calls away from the office, and see who’s on the other lines. Cloud-based phone systems can be especially useful for small businesses and start-ups, saving the larger cost of a full phone system. As every cloud-based system varies, ask your Mitech expert which system is right for your business.

Service You Can Trust

We work with each client in an initial consultation to learn about their business and identify their needs. From there, our well-trained team assists our clients with choosing the right technology, installing and setting it up, training personnel to use it, and maintaining it for years to come. You can rely on our team for:

  • Knowledgeable consultations by industry experts
  • Professional and honest product recommendations
  • Transportation, setup and installation of new products
  • Troubleshooting and repairs (with brand-name replacement parts) by qualified technicians

About Mitech

We are a team of dedicated, qualified professionals and technicians who have been in the business technology industry for just about 40 years. Our business solutions company is based in Cranbrook, BC and serves the surrounding Kootenay region, including Castlegar, Creston, Fernie, Elkford, Invermere and Golden. We only supply the brands that we know we can trust for consistent quality and reliability, making our lives easier and your workspace better.

Let us be your choice for work phone systems in Southern BC.